Have you decided to sell your house in Fort Qu’Appelle? This small town in southern part of Saskatchewan is famous for its beautiful lakes and parks. The town itself is situated between Echo Lake and Mission Lake while there are another two lakes called Pasqua Lake and Katepwa Lake near it. Fort Qu’Appelle real estate is booming, and it is possible to get a high asking price for your home. However, you need to make your house desirable for the buyers for this. Here are some of the best renovations you can undertake to fetch a high asking price for your home in Fort Qu’Appelle.

Follow the recommendations of your real estate agent

Of course, the remodelling projects you undertake are dependent upon the budget you have set aside for yourself. However, it is a good idea to take into consideration the recommendations made by your real estate agent as he is aware of the features which buyers are looking for when buying a home in Fort Qu’Appelle.

Upgrades of kitchen and bathrooms

Two rooms in your house that are of special interest to the buyers are your kitchen and the bathrooms. Remodelling of kitchen and bathrooms may be an expensive affair but you can recover your expenses if you limit yourself to minor repairs and upgrades. Sometimes, painting the cabinets and replacing the hardware can achieve the kind of transformation that you are thinking of. Similarly, changing the faucets and the lighting may be enough for bathrooms. Remember, that there is no need to over improve as you will not be able to recover the costs.

Create extra outdoor living space through a wooden deck

If you are blessed with a yard in front of your house, you can create a beautiful outdoor living space with the help of addition of deck. For lakefront homes, a wooden deck gives a chance to the owners to have mesmerizing views in the mornings and evenings. You need to spend money on wooden deck and railing system, but it will add significant value to your home.

Replace old entry and garage doors

These two doors are visible to all visitors who come to see your house. A good-looking entry door made of steel and a new garage door give your house the looks of a new construction home. You can easily recover all your costs on these doors by increasing your asking price.


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