Fort Qu’Appelle is a perfect choice if you are planning to buy an investment property in a resort town. This beautiful small town is situated near Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. Wonderful weather conditions, a perfect location between Echo Lake and Mission Lake, and an abundance of recreational facilities make Fort Qu’Appelle very appealing for investors.This town has two large provincial parks and it lies near Katepwa Lake and Pasqua Lake. You cannot ask for more in terms of natural beauty when you are in this resort town. It has a small population of around 2000 people but remains full of tourists who come here to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing and snowmobiling.

High returns on investment

Fort Qu’Appelle real estate market is strong and vibrant. In fact, this housing market remains a seller’s market because of shortage of inventories and great demand among buyers. This demand for homes never slackens as tourists keep pouring in Fort Qu’Appelle even in winter months. This is because this town provides ample opportunities to indulge in exciting activities like snowmobiling and ice fishing. For you as an investor, this small town has everything to make you feel happy and proud about your investment property. You will never have dearth of tenants looking for a house on rent for short durations as rental units are in short supply in Fort Qu’Appelle.

Wait for the off season to make an offer

Mortgage is easily available to investors buying a new construction home in Fort Qu’Appelle. However, it is not the question of mortgage but the value of the property in this resort town that poses problems for investors. As property prices are in hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars for lake front homes, it is a good idea to bide your time and make a move only when the market is a little bit down. This happens for a brief period during off tourist season when you find great offers and discounts being offered by hotels on their room tariffs.

You should hire services of a local, reliable and experienced realtor to keep searching for properties according to your liking and budget. Being local, he should be able to secure a bargain deal for you for your shortlisted property during off season period. You can sweeten the deal for the seller by being flexible and by closing the deal according to his convenience.


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