First impressions are everything and making sure your property is presented well can give you that extra leg up in the market. We aren’t saying to go crazy and hire a designer or break the bank, but a little extra attention to these areas before listing will go a long way.

Lighting – It’s all about the MOOD! This is probably one the easiest and cheapest ways to make the biggest change in how your home presents. Think bright, really bright. Open those curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible. Lacking windows? Replace those yellow daylight bulbs with some soft white ones and borrow a few lamps from a friend to place in rooms with limited ceiling lights.

Clutter – Prospective home buyers are envisioning what life could potentially look like there. Having a de-cluttered, open and clean space immediately gives off a fresh feel. Think about removing that area rug to show off and really highlight the beautiful hardwood floors. Downsize and pack up some of the clothes you don’t wear often to help make that walk-in closet appear larger.

Think Green – There is something about fresh flowers and that beautiful pop of green that makes a space feel so welcoming, calm and fresh. Not to mention the smell! We know house plants can get expensive, so if you can’t get the real deal, fake it and improvise! Fake greenery is an affordable option that can accomplish that “pop of green” fresh feel to any room instantly. Small accent greenery on side tables can do wonders.

If you don’t have a garden, living in the Valley and surrounding area means plenty of home grown fresh flowers that we bet at least one person you know if not your neighbours would be happy to provide. (Small town things 😊)

Happy staging!

  • The Authentic Team


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