Covid-19 Impact on Real Estate

The real estate market has been impacted by the pandemic, but not in the way you may have expected. Here at Authentic Realty, we have seen growth, especially in the resort, rural and acreage sector of the market. I have said it 500 times this season:
“Everyone is moving towards WORKING FROM HOME permanently, rural internet has never been better, interest rates have never been better, you might as well LIVE SOMEWHERE AWESOME!!”

We believe that this is an important time to be innovative and to ensure that practical market information is available to our clients. While some of our initiatives have been developed over the years, we are also making an effort to connect to you through digital media and we’ve made an effort to step up our game. With virtually everyone working from home, we want to minimize the impact and stress of moving during the pandemic by doing virtual tours, paperless transactions and keeping our clients safe and comfortable.

We are making efforts to keep everyone safe with protocols for “in person” showings. The market continues to tick along despite the pandemic and the season. A seller may see less traffic through their homes than what the “normal” market would have brought, but it’s the digital marketing that is paramount to catching a buyer’s attention.

If you have been considering a move, you’re not alone. Needs are changing. The need for office space-often both parents are working from home, kids are doing more on-line schooling, activities and families are spending more time than ever all together under the same roof. People are looking for ways to expand into their yards, garages, grab a space for a home office in basements and spare bedrooms. High density lifestyle is less appealing than space to spread out and have dedicated office space, homework space, family space.

If you are thinking about relocating and just want to chat, consider reaching out to one of our agents, we specialize in resort, acreage, and rural properties which are more appealing than ever!


Team Authentic


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