Should I sell my home in winter?

The housing inventory is limited during the winter and especially through the holidays.  This may lead to fewer showings but more serious buyers moving for work transfers or relocation.  The lack of competition can put sellers in a good position to negotiate.

Sellers should keep their homes “show ready” with minimal and tasteful decorations.  Keep the snow clear and keep the curb appeal up, even though it’s winter.  Many buyers use their vacation time to do a house hunting trip and their schedules can be more flexible during the holidays.

One more advantage for buyers is that financing tends to have more competitive rates, because of lower demand, generally fewer transactions taking place overall.  People have a lot going on during the holidays however, the buyer will have an easier time booking inspections, appraisals and movers.

Finally, moving can be easier during the holidays when others are off work and school to lend a hand.  Use the time to strategize with family and friends so you don’t have to cram the whole moving process into evenings and weekends.  It’s a good time to make your rounds and say your goodbyes to friends, neighbours and connect with family.

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